Fee Structure

Publication of your paper is vital to your academic career!

Invest in your future and achieve your academic goals.

You take your work seriously.
You are not simply publishing information. You are putting forth your ideas, your contribution to an academic discipline.

I take my work seriously―to see you be successful.
That’s why I must quote each project individually.
Below are general guidelines for how much I charge to work with you to get your paper published.

My fee includes multiple Zoom meetings to discuss your paper. 

Basic Editing

Basic Editing is generally appropriate for papers written by native English speakers, but it is inadequate for manuscripts written in a language other than English that have been translated using software such as Google Translate or TranslateFX. 

If the manuscript needs editing for consistency and correctness, Basic Editing includes:

  • ensuring grammar, punctuation, spelling, capitalization, syntax, verb tense, and word usage follow standard rules
  • identifying phrases that seem misleading or unclear
  • Rate: starts at $.05 per word up to $.075 per word
  • Ex.: a 5,000 word paper at $.06 = $300
Line Editing (includes modified Developmental Editing)

If the manuscript needs line-by-line editing, Line Editing includes Basic Editing and:

  • Edit vocabulary, sentences, and paragraphs for clarity, precision, and readability
  • Edit the manuscript to be more concise 
  • Improve transitions
  • Tailor the writing to your audience and genre (academic journal, dissertation, etc.)
  • Note ambiguity and suggest alternative phrasings
  • Ensure paragraphs progress logically
  • Ensure a consistent style and voice
  • Ensure consistency of style and format and, if requested, conformity to a set style (MLA, Chicago, APA, etc.).
  • Rate: starts at $.08 per word up to $.20 per word
  • Ex.: a 5,000 word journal article at $.10 = $500
Developmental Editing (modified)

If the ideas or structure need development, Developmental Editing includes:

  • Help articulate an argument
  • Point out structural weaknesses and suggest improvements
  • Rearrange blocks of text
  • Comment on the fit between argument and evidence
  • Assess to determine if new writing is needed
  • Unlike most editors, I always include modified Developmental Editing in Line Editing.

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