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/ˈklær ɪ ti/ noun

1. the state or quality of being clear

Editing and writing services for academic papers and journal submissions.

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Academic papers by authors whose primary language is not English is my editing focus.
My expertise is refining complicated texts for publishing in academic journals.




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20+ years teaching English, writing, and editing


Editing academic papers and journal articles


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TOBY D. SORRELS, B.A., M.Div., Th.M.

At heart, I’m a teacher—especially of English and communication. A native English speaker, I’ve been teaching English as a second language and communication to international scholars at the University of Florida for 23 years. I’ve been fortunate to travel to 17 countries, lecturing in most of them on Communication, Learning Styles, and Language Acquisition (12 times in China).

Academics and teaching have influenced my profession as a writer and editor. Assisting students and scholars to express their work with clarity is one of my passions. My formal education includes a B.A. in Psychology and two Master’s degrees focused on spoken and written communication.

Clarity Editing Fees

Hiring me means I will co-labor with you to best express your thoughts from your hard work―clearly. When you do get published, you’ll see the wisdom and value of having a relationship with an editor who understands you and your work. 

I take my work seriously―to see you be successful. That’s why I must quote each project individually.

You may be tempted to “go the cheap route” and use a large online editing service. It can be a brutal process of disappointment from rejection and the discouragement of having to pay another editor to resubmit. Many scholars go through the cycle of anxiety, frustration, and sense of defeat, thinking they can save money. 

Publication of your paper is vital to your academic career. The time, energy, anguish, and expense to re-edit and then re-submit are costly. Even if you don’t choose me―hire an editor who’ll partner with you in your journey. 

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Clarity rates are competitive. I provide quotes on each project individually.